Show Dates 2023

Safari Club International Show – 22 – 25 February 2023 @ the Music City Center, Nashville TENNESSEE  WTH Booth no  339
DSC Great Lakes Chapter / Adventures Wild – 2 – 4 March 2023 @ Frand Traverse Resort & Spa, Traverse City, Michigan


A wise person once said “Never Put Off Tomorrow, What You Should Do Today” that holds the truth in hunting as well. If you have a hunting adventure in mind “ Contact Us And Just Do It”

Glenn Geelhoed

All come together at the last morning 5h20, Leopard in the salt…GREAT hunt & team.  Best PH’s and Outfitters.

Thank You Charl





Michael Henig

It was the most exciting thing I have done. Everything was first class, I can’t wait to come back.



Richard Hammock

Stayed at the best places I ever stayed at, the hunt was the best ever, awesome hunt.

Thank you Charl and G



Lee Anderson

My 2 sons and I had a great time and safari with Watts, this trip was our second. The leopard hunt with the hounds was an adrenaline rush for me, dream come true, specially to have my boys next to me experienced it all. Between the 3 of us we harvested 11 animals and will recommend Charl Watts to anybody.