Plains Game

plains game hunting areas are closely managed to ensure superior trophy quality. Whether hunting with rifle or bow, each safari is custom tailored to each client’s specific preferences. We are dedicated to providing the discriminating sportsman with a quality hunting experience and an overall unforgettable adventure while on safari.

Plains game hunting brings more hunters to Africa each year. To some, plains game hunting in Southern Africa has remained only a dream, as most perceive it far too expensive and best left to only the wealthiest of hunters.  Southern Africa can boast of more species of mammals than any other place on the globe.  The abundance of antelope species in Southern Africa and especially South Africa make it an absolute paradise for those hunters inclined to take medium sized game.

African plains game hunting is conducted in a variety of geographical areas
, which can vary widely in climate, vegetation, and topography. The hunting areas can range from densely wooded savannah to wide open grasslands.  Our great diversity of plains game abound from the Bushveld of the Northern Province to the vast open plains of the Free State and back to the sands and heavy thorn bush of the Kalahari.  Each of these areas offers a unique habitat, which is ideally suited to certain of the plains game species and holds it’s own special challenges for the plains game hunter.

is based in Modimolle, South Africa. Due to the province’s spectacular scenic beauty and abundance of superior quality wildlife, it is one of South Africa’s most sought after hunting safari destinations.

Although head office are based in Limpopo province, Modimolle, South Africa , they hunt all the provinces of South Africa for the numerous animal species occurring all over the country

In addition to plains game and dangerous game, South Africa is home to some of the finest wingshooting and fresh water and salt water fishing destinations in all of Africa.

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