Bow Hunting

Embark on your own journey of a lifetime and experience a bow hunting adventure in the wilds of Africa. understands archery and the special needs of a bow hunter and strive for success.

conducts our bow hunting safaris all over South Africa, to give every individual bow hunter the opportunity on the species desired in the best hunting areas available. We have areas that are “bow hunting” only, that ensure better hunting opportunities with special management and strategic placement of blinds and tree stands that ensure the best change for trophy’s of a lifetime. An abundance of game combined with the large variety of game species in South Africa will give every bow hunter more bow hunting opportunities than ever before. South Africa is truly a bow hunter’s paradise.

The Watts brothers with their staff are qualified and experienced to hunt dangerous game off Africa with bow & arrow and takes extreme pride in their success. If you plan on a bow hunting safari with we would assisted you in all details and information needed. Please Contact Us in advance as our best dates for bow hunting sells in advance.